Friday, July 29, 2016

Christmas time again! It is true what they say that each year goes faster than the last and apparently increases exponentially once you have a child. It also feels strange to think its Christmastime because the weather has been so unusual! Here we are on December 14th and while today is colder it's been practically warm until now! Ethan and I have enjoyed it though, spending lots of time outside in short sleeves and shoeless, trying to soak up every drop of warmth and sun we can because the cold and snow are sure to come, even if it's later than is typical this year!

So. This year has gone by fast. It has mostly been a good year, full of blessings, but we've had our hard times, too. In September we discovered much to our great joy that I was pregnant! But instead of being happily in my second trimester now, I miscarried shortly after we found out I was pregnant and once again we lost a desperately wanted, loved little baby. It hasn't been easy but life goes on anyway and we do our best to focus on the fact that we know God's plans and ways are better than ours.

David has been busier than ever with his business! One of the many blessings we experienced this year! We also did a complete overhaul of his website this fall and I'm kind of proud of the results.

Ethan has changed and grown very much since last year -- he is now an extremely busy, and happy almost 16 month old. He doesn't talk a lot yet but does a variety of animal sounds, says "dat" when he wants to know what something is (everything, all the time), and just the other day has started saying "no". He also attempts to say "wow", "bird", and "duck", but that's it for now! I love watching him grow, and change, and learn. He's very smart and great at problem solving. He also has a penchant for being sneaky and finding ways to do things we've told him not to do, while not quite doing what we said not to do. If that makes sense! He smiles and laughs constantly and brings unending joy into our lives! We are exceedingly blessed to have him each and every day.

Earlier this year we got new neighbors -- they built right next to my garden and we've enjoyed having neighbors so close! Ethan loves to see them and always waves frantically at Ron when he is out working in their yard. Ethan even runs for their yard sometimes when he sees them coming home from work. He loves people so much, and seems to get special attachments to some people. :)

We also got a cat this year. She was supposed to be all outside, to help with the mice that are overrunning the area. She has turned out to be such a sweet cat though, she spends the evening inside with us and we suppose she hunts during the day and some at night after we go to bed. She has been. Really fun addition to the household though, and Ethan in particular loves her as she is the first furry creature in his life that lets him hug, squeeze, squash, and carry her around. I can't believe we seem to have a Cat Person for a child. Whaaaat?! It's not right, really. But I can survive.

There isn't a lot else to tell. We traveled to see family less than usual since long drives with little ones are tough. We visited for Thanksgiving and that was enjoyable as always and our only visit the entire year! My parents came to see us multiple times though, which was a lot of fun! We really hope they'll do it again in 2016! We did attempt a family vacation in Branson this past May with my parents and older sister and her family but it ended in a terrifying flee for our health as everyone except us Rostollans, my dad, and nephew were struck with a stomach bug! We felt like we were trying to outrun a zombie apocalypse as we packed up hurriedly and rushed off without being able to give proper goodbyes.

EDIT: July 29, 2016. I never finished or posted this! So here it goes, unedited, unfinished, unphotoed... oopsie.