Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Christmas 2014

Well in stereotypical new  parent style, my Christmas letter has turned into a  late New Years letter. And yes, if your only contact with us is our Christmas letter, we are parents! Last years letter included the announcement of our much prayed for, yet truly unexpected pregnancy, and a request for prayers for protection for it and that we might finally meet one of our little ones. Praise be to God, those prayers were answered and on August 23rd, Ethan David was born at home, safely and very healthy! We could not be more thankful, or more in love. He is now 4 1/2 months old and almost 20lbs and over 27inches long! He is a big boy! Ever since he was born he has been a very happy, smiley baby, and ever so much fun! He even handled the long drive to south Texas to visit my family really well, and we couldn't have been happier!

Obviously, that's our big news for the year! But there's still a bit more worth a mention. ;) Due to Ethan's arrival, David's parents decided it was time to move his mom's office upstairs and finish another portion of the basement for David's office! It's actually being finished today and looks amazing. So now David will have a separate entrance into his office, which I have to say, with having a baby will be a very big blessing. We've managed this far and could longer if we needed to, but there are days when getting the apartment "client ready" and caring for Ethan is almost more than I can manage and it will be a very big blessing to not have to worry quite so much about the state of the apartment.

Otherwise, I am sure there was more to our year but it's hard to remember what. I sold some of my rabbits, so that we are just down to a single pair now. We hatched chicks for the first time this year when one of our hens went broody! David refinished an old dresser some friends gave us for Ethan and he enjoyed it so much he started improving other pieces we had around the house. I think someday when we have more space of our own it might be a fun hobby for him to pursue! Also his business grew more in 2013 than any year yet, so that has been another great blessing!

I started a business as an Independent Consultant with a company called Jamberry. We sell non-toxic, high-quality, long lasting nail wraps and it has been SO much fun! And made even more fun when my dear friend Amanda decided to join me in the journey! Several other friends have also joined me and it is way too much fun working with friends (and family! My older sister is the one who convinced me to join even though I was convinced I would hate selling "nail stickers"!)!

My younger sister and her family moved back from overseas, and are pretty near to the rest of my family, which is awesome. My older sister got me involved with Jamberry and she is advancing quickly in the company, making lots of moolah, and more friends! It's fun to watch and if I end up half as successful I will be happy! My parents are doing well, all things considered -- my mom was diagnosed with colon cancer during our visit for Thanksgiving, but thankfully, it was caught early and with proper treatment she should come out of this healthier and better off! Prayers for them both as they go through this scary time would be very much appreciated, though.

I know there had to be more... mostly I just remember enjoying my pregnancy a lot, and then Ethan! David was absolutely wonderful throughout my pregnancy, labor, and recovery time. I really could not have asked for more loving care than I got from him! He is such a blessing to me and even though it feels impossible at times, I love him more and more with each passing  year. God blessed us abundantly in 2014 and we cannot wait to see what He holds in store for 2015! Happy New Year from all three of us!